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"We publish Chinese and Comparative philosophy on the internet"

What is Saga Virtual Publishers?

We edit and create e-books for sale and distribution on CDs and as Internet downloads.

To this end, our Confucian Policy Initiative TM celebrates the relevance of Chinese philosophy to questions raised by modern political science and religion and is dedicated to the analysis, explication in the English language, promotion and implementation of Chinese philosophy as political science both in the United States and around the world.

Who can submit papers or book-length manuscripts?

Professional scholars, graduate students and independent scholars are welcome to submit original on-line presentations concerning any aspect of Eastern or Comparative philosophy, particularly those papers which will be presented during the year at various conferences and which will benefit from early access by potential attendees and those who may wish to comment in advance of presentation.

Unpublished papers and books may be submitted by academic authors who wish to distribute their ideas to a wider audience while retaining copyright and control over their materials, including the ability to continually revise their texts, something not possible in print publication. Submissions may discuss topics in any area of Eastern or Comparative philosophy, but we are particularly interested in receiving papers and books concerning Confucian philosophy. Submissions are received in the strictest confidence and copyright, if any, always remains with the author. Permissions must of course be secured for every quotation used within a submitted text which cannot qualify under the fair use doctrine.

Confucian Policy Initiative TM Memberships

As a way of encouraging the professional review of manuscripts, a Contributing Membership allows a member to submit manuscripts which, subject to peer review, will be published on this web site free of charge, provided however, that in exchange for each submitted paper, the Member will agree to return two (2) substantive reviews of selected manuscripts which have been submitted by other Members.

If accepted by the editors at Saga Virtual Publishers, manuscripts will be published on-line anonymously until accepted by peer review, at which time the author’s name and the text of the reviews will be added to and the paper included in our ongoing archive. A Contributing Membership includes unlimited access to our archive of scholarly on-line articles and papers as it is continually being populated, while each Member’s own manuscripts are simultaneously promoted to a much wider audience than their respective academic departments.

We next propose to create a section in which each member’s availability for paid speaking engagements will be listed under the caption, ‘Need A Speaker?’

A Read-Only Membership at $25 per year includes unlimited access to all archived on-line articles and papers, but no other benefits including the inability to submit manuscripts.

Saga Virtual Publishers proposes to offer four main academic services:

Saga Virtual Publishers proposes to satisfy the tenure track requirement for academic publishing through peer-reviewed, on-line publishing. Since print space is not a constraint and as long as other college and university conditions can be satisfied, we will be able to offer a virtually unlimited ability to satisfy the requirements of peer-reviewed manuscript publication.

Once assembled, our scholarly archive will, through the magic of a mini-search engine be as accessible as the initiation of any ordinary Google search.

In the ‘Need A Speaker?’ section we propose to list Contributing Members as Paid Speakers for business and academic venues. A short Curriculum Vita, sample Speaking Topics, and Speakers’ Rates can be included and made available to potential businesses and consulting organizations. Like a resume, a curriculum vita should include name, contact information, education, skills and experience. In addition to the basics, it can also include research and teaching experience, publications, grants and fellowships, professional associations and licenses, awards and other relevant information. In other words, this section is designed to become a source of additional income for academics who are in other ways unable to adequately promote themselves.

For a modest fee and competitive royalties, subsequent to document editing and HTML preparation, we propose to provide a venue in which authors will be able to earn modest, but essentially effortless revenues, by placing their manuscripts on a public forum, our Saga Virtual Storefront, where their work will become available for sale in the form of fully copy-protected e-books in CD or internet download format.

Editing Services: @$15/page whether or not published by Saga Virtual Publishers

How should papers be submitted?

Submissions should be sent in Microsoft Word format as an e-mail attachment to with ‘SagaVirtual’ in the subject line. Papers can be sent year-round and, subject to peer review, will be posted on-line. In later years, accepted papers will be preserved with archival links.

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